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Creating a Maps API Key

These would be steps to go through if you had neither a previous Google Cloud Platform account, nor a Google Billing account.

Step 1

Navigate to the Maps Platform and click on the Get Started button in the top right corner of the site.

Google API Get Started

Step 2

Select the Maps and Places check boxes and click the Continue button.

Gogole Maps API Selection

Step 3

Sign in to Google if prompted

Sign in to Google Cloud

Step 4

If this is your first time creating an API key, you will have to create a Project first.

  • Give your project a name
  • Accept the terms of service
  • Click on the Next button

Create first Google API

Step 5

Wait for the billing prompt to appear and click on Create Billing Account

Step 6

Select your Country and agree to the Terms of Service. Click on the Agree and Continue button.

Trial Google Cloud Platform page

Step 7

Fill out Account, Address, and Payment information. Then click on Start My Free Trial.

Google Cloud Account Information

Google Cloud payment information

Step 8

Click on the Credentials option on the API Manager menu in the right sidebar. Then click on the Create Credentials button.

Creating a Google API credential

Step 9

Click on API Key in the drop down menu. A popup will appear with your new API key.

Google API credentials setup

Previous Google API Key Holders

For Local Falcon to work, we need to have both the Maps and Places API enabled.

To check if your API key was previsouly setup to use Maps & Places, navigate to the Dashboard tab of the APIs & Services Section of your Google Cloud Platform.

Adding Maps & Places API to Google Cloud

There you will see the API library choices of Maps Javascript and Places API

API Library

Click on each of these API's and you will be able to Enable them on the next screen.

Enable API Google