Scan Reports Put Our Local SEO Rank Checker on the Map

Is word of your business getting around town? Or just around the block? Local Falcon's Scan Report gives you a convenient bird's eye view of where you rank in local search — in your own immediate neighborhood, at the next bus stop, and/or even all the way across the river. All at once.


Pinpoint insights

The Scan Report is at the foundation of our groundbreaking local rank SEO checker, and it's incredibly easy to generate:

  1. Pick a location.
  2. Pick a keyword (or keywords with the built-in recommendations tool)
  3. Pick a grid size.
  4. Pick a scan radius.

You'll see where you rank for the given keyword at each data point on the map grid, plotted as a pin. 

You tell us how far you want to spread your wings; we'll tell you how far you have to go to reach the top spot in local search ranking with three key metrics


  1. SoLV (Share of Local Voice): The number of data points where your rank within Google's top 3 (aka the Local Map Pack) for the provided keyword and grid size.
  2. ARP (Average Ranked Position): Your average positioning on Google SERPs for the provided keyword and grid size, excluding data points ranked 20 or lower. 
  3. ATRP (Average Total Ranked Position): Your average positioning on Google SERPs across all data points, including those with a ranking of 20 or lower. 

Maximizing the Scan Report

  • Condense scan radius for hyper local SEO insights in highly populous areas. 
  • Toggle individual scan points on and off to retain credits over water or unpopulated areas.
  • Drag and reposition the central scan point (from your default location) to gauge opportunities in new neighborhoods and communities (service area businesses, multi-location businesses). 
  • Set up Autoscan to automatically generate Scan Reports at regular intervals, which can feed Trend Reports.
  • Download and share Scan Report map with collaborators.
  • Whitelabel reports with your company's logo and link. 



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