About Local Falcon, the Premier Local Rank Tracking Tool

Local Falcon is the first rank tracking tool of its kind and an indispensable visual for local SEO analytics and AI analysis of listing performance. 

While working with local clients, SEO expert Yan Gilbert discovered a pain point: regular rank trackers were great at tracking organic search engine results, but not so effective at tracking local search results (powered by Google Maps), which is what often appear in the top 3 spots on Google Search. Since maps results are highly dependent on the proximity of a searcher's location, getting rank data from one point on the map was not giving an accurate picture of what was going on at the street level. 

A new vision was needed: a local rank tracker specifically designed to track and report on results for local businesses, agencies and enterprise brands, and that's exactly what Local Falcon can accomplish.  

All over the world, Local Falcon is used by marketers, agencies, brands and businesses to visually track Google and Apple ranking across a city, a neighborhood, a service area or even an entire state. The system can help you to keep tabs on competitors, use data to improve ranking in the 3-pack, strategize what locations, products and services require focus, and so much more. Local Falcon also proudly trademarked the term for a new metric, SoLV, which means "Share of Local Voice"

In 2023, Local Falcon developed the first ever AI designed exclusively for local SEO. Focused on analysis and recommendations, Falcon AI and its accompanying assistant, Falcon Assist, is helping SEO professionals worldwide to improve their rank on search, understand results and even create strategies to improve the overall visibility and web presence for any business.