Local Falcon is now part of dbaPlatform

May 24th, 2019, 01:30 PM

LocalFalcon is now part of dbaPlatform

Local Falcon is now part of dbaPlatform

Local Falcon has merged with dbaPlatform, a powerful suite of tools used to automate Google My Business management.

What is dbaPlatform?

dbaPlatform is mission control for local search. Designed for agencies who manage large brands with multi-location businesses, the platform allows users to automate the publishing of content across all Google My Business profiles with a simple click. The platform also offers a treasure chest full of other great features including:

  • Reporting- Powered by Local Authority, get in-depth reporting on the key metrics Google values most. Track phone calls, driving directions, website visits, and more. Compare results against traditional marketing campaigns to demonstrate ROI.
  • Directory Citations Management- Seamlessly, effortlessly, and consistently optimize and control local business citations across 40+ directories including: Bing, Yelp, Foursquare, and more. Protect a location's NAP data with duplicate suppression.
  • Call Tracking- Create a local call tracking number that records caller, date, time, and duration of every call to a location.

What To Expect

The benefits of integration can already be seen. Scans that used to take 1-2 minutes are now completed in half the time. The ability to export scans has been added, allowing users to share results with clients or review for internal purposes. As we become more integrated with the dbaPlatform, users can expect even more optimizations and access to a powerful suite of tools designed to bring more success to their clients

Local Falcon is now part of dbaPlatform

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