Falcon AI: Actionable Local SEO AI Recommendations in an Instant

The goal of local SEO is clear: to finish top 3 in your respective business category and enjoy a spot on the proverbial podium — the Google Map Pack. However, the rules can be difficult to grasp and the competition can be hard to gauge. How do you get — and stay — on top?  

Let us introduce you to your personal local SEO guide — Falcon AI. 


Personalized Local SEO Strategy 

Falcon AI helps businesses both large and small attack the heart of local SEO — Google Business Profile optimization. A powerful AI SEO tool for businesses of any size, Falcon AI translates Local Falcon map scan data into a prioritized list of improvements based on the strengths and weaknesses of your listing vs. those of your competitors. No more report-writing or poring over data — just generate and share.


Turn Insight into Action

Traditional SEO tools taught the fundamentals. Falcon AI turns a hyper-localized SEO scouting report into a personalized game plan for success, sourced from Google Maps data. Recommendations will be listed in order of priority from major to minor, in plain language anyone can understand. Better yet, they're ready in a matter of moments — not hours.'


Identify Vulnerable Competitors

Falcon AI will alert you to opportunities to overtake competitors in local search rankings, not only pointing out the who and where with pinpoint accuracy (down to 0.1 mile!) — but also telling you what you might do to gain advantage.


Hyper-Focused, Hyper-Local Strategy

Falcon AI's recommendations are specific to your business and your neighborhood, ensuring that your local SEO efforts are laser-focused, maximizing your potential to rank higher.


Apple Business Connect Compatible

Falcon AI is the first SEO AI tool of its kind offering compatibility with Apple Business Connect, giving your business an edge in Apple Maps, an increasingly competitive arena in local SEO.

How to Use Falcon AI

Simply click on the flower-like (OpenAI) symbol on any new or recent Scan Report to generate a custom AI Report. Your personalized list of recommendations will appear at the bottom of your Scan Report details.

Falcon AI is enabled and active by default, but can be switched off at any time in your account settings (Scan Report Preferences > "Only Generate When Manually Requested")

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Start Dominating in Local Search

Falcon AI is only just getting started. With planned integrations with Trend Reports and Campaigns, you'll soon be able to track GBP optimization progress over time — helping you to follow through, adjust, and stay ahead of the curve. Your pathway into the Google Map Pack has never been clearer.

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