Rank Tracker for Local Businesses

For small-to-medium-sized local businesses, keeping up with the competition can be a matter of financial life and death. It's crucial to stay on top of popular keywords and know exactly where you stand in terms of local ranking.

That's where Local Falcon comes in. Local Falcon is a powerful rank-tracking tool that's perfect for keeping your business on top of local SEO trends — even on a neighborhood level. The concept is simple — choose a keyword (or keywords) relevant to your business, select a grid size and scan radius, and our rank tracker will show you where you rank for each keyword at each data point compared to local competitors. Where are you in Google's top 3 (which garners 70% of clicks)? Where could you establish a stronger foothold?

Local Falcon is full of useful tools and features that can help you optimize your business's marketing strategy. Here are three:



Adjustable Scan Center

While your business will be the center of the radius map by default, you aren't limited to that placement. Local Falcon allows you to drag and drop the scan center anywhere on the map, letting you base your scans on any location. Ranking just outside the top 3 the next neighborhood over? Ramp up your advertising efforts there and maybe you'll see more customers from that part of town.


Keyword Suggestion

Want to improve your overall keyword ranking, but aren't sure what keywords to use in your scans? Local Falcon will automatically suggest keywords based on terms already being used to search for your business on Google. It'll also show you the estimated monthly impressions your business is getting from each term, allowing you to choose the ones with the highest potential attraction power.


Competitor Tracking

Let's say that you're a small, locally owned pet shop. You're fairly popular in the community, and you're able to stay at the top of the local ranking chart. One day, however, a new pet shop opens a mile away, and you suddenly find yourself knocked down to second place. You're sure that if you could see what keywords they're beating you on, you'd be able to improve your marketing and take the top spot again.

Luckily for your business, Local Falcon allows you to do just that. Our rank tracker allows you to initiate a scan from any listing, including your competitor's. This will allow you to see exactly how your competitor is ranking for certain keywords, which means you'll be able to adjust and optimize your marketing strategy to counter them.

Rank Local with Local Falcon

Local Falcon is a versatile, highly useful tool for local businesses, allowing you to see how you rank locally for a variety of keywords. You aren't limited to your own ranking, either — competitor ranking allows you to identify weak points in both your marketing strategy and theirs. Sign up for Local Falcon today and see how you rank.

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