Local SEO for Multiple Locations

Keeping up with local SEO is difficult for one business location — when dealing with multiple, it can seem impossible.

That's where Local Falcon comes in. Local Falcon is a versatile rank tracker capable of monitoring multi-location SEO. Simply choose a keyword (or keywords), select a grid size, and Local Falcon will show you how you rank compared to your competitors.

Local Falcon is full of useful tools and features that can help you set up a local SEO strategy for multiple locations. Here are three:


Bulk Report Tools

Our Bulk Report feature lets you track a single keyword's ranking across multiple business addresses, saving you scanning time. Our Trend Report tool generates a report whenever a scan is run with the same parameters two or more times, allowing you to directly compare fluctuations in ranking between two locations.

If this seems like a lot to keep track of, don't worry — our Campaign tools allow these scan processes to be automatically scheduled according to set parameters.


Adjustable Scan Center

Want to know how your business ranks when you have two locations in the same radius map? Local Falcon's adjustable scan center means you don't have to scan with a business location at the center. Simply drag and drop the center to your preferred point before you scan, and the rest of the grid will adjust accordingly.


Affordable Pricing Plans

If the thought of running multiple scans makes you worry about your budget, don't worry — Local Falcon doesn't just make rank tracking easy, but affordable too. We offer four monthly pricing plans, along with a pay-as-you-go system.

No Job Too Big for Local Falcon

Managing multiple business locations is an arduous task, which is why Local Falcon strives to make local rank tracking easier. Our bulk scanning features compile all of your rank data in one place, helping you to better prioritize your time and attention. Sign up for Local Falcon today and see how you rank.

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