Location Report: All Your Local SEO Keywords in One Place

How would you describe the products or services you provide to your community? Sometimes who you are and what you do doesn't fit neatly into one keyword phrase, and that's okay. The Location Report averages the performance for all of the local SEO keywords you've run scans for over time, measuring the prevalence of a single location in local search results.

Locating Your Priorities

A single Location Report will become available for any location you've run multiple scans for, easily accessible from the Dashboard or under "Reports" in the sidebar. There are two sections of the report to pay attention to:

  1. At the top, your aggregate Average Rank Position, Average Total Rank Position, and Share of Local Voice scores for all keywords you've ever scanned for.
  2. Below, a breakdown of each individual keyword and their performance in these metrics, listed in order from most to least successful.

Your Location Report can be downloaded as a .pdf, .csv, or shared through email, social media, or as a link. To accelerate your insights, use our Bulk Scanning Tool to run scans for multiple locations, keywords, and/or grid sizes at a time. 

Maximizing Location Reports

  • SEO Professionals and Agencies: Prioritize content and digital advertising focuses based on individual keyword performances. 
  • Local SMBs and Listings Managers: Determine which local SEO keyword phrases to optimize for on websites and Google Business Profile listings.
  • Service Area Businesses: Compare geotagged keyword phrases to determine interest within or beyond your service area. Ensure you're targeting the right audiences with properly articulated service categories.

Let Local Falcon takes the guesswork out of what is and isn't working — craft more effective local SEO strategies by leveraging the Location Report.

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