Local Rank Tracking for Digital Marketing Agencies

A digital marketing agency can't represent its clients without knowing them. In order to develop an effective marketing strategy for clients, you first need to know the presence they already have in the local market. 

This is where Local Falcon comes in. Local Falcon is a versatile rank-tracking tool that allows you to analyze local SEO and optimize your client's marketing strategy to match. The process is simple: choose a keyword (or keywords) relevant to your client, select a grid size and scan radius, and run a scan. Local Falcon's rank tracker will show you how your client ranks at each point on the grid when compared to local competitors. 


Build More Successful Marketing Strategies 


Trend Reports

Want to show clients their changes in keyword ranking over time? Local Falcon's Trend Report tool will generate a trend report any time you run a scan with the same parameters two or more times. This allows you to track increases or decreases in keyword rankings and make inferences using outside data, such as season, introduction of new competitors, and more. You can even download the results as an animated GIF of the grid map, creating a moving visual of changes over time. 


Shareable Scan Reports

Say you want to show clients the results of their local ranking in an easy-to-access format. With Local Falcon, you can convert scan results into a shareable, white-label URL. The URL is viewable to anyone who has access to the link, without them needing to sign into an account. This allows for greater transparency between you and your clients. 


Looker Studio Integration

It can be difficult to utilize data if it's not organized properly. That's why Local Falcon offers easy integration with Looker Studio (formerly Google Data Studio). Looker Studio allows you to create custom dashboards and reports for visualizing data. For those subscribed to Local Falcon's Basic payment tier or higher, this information can be white-labeled as well. 

Grow your Marketing Agency with Local Falcon

Local Falcon gives marketing and advertising agencies local SEO insights that can be translated into real momentum for their clients — and allows them to easily share the results. Not only does it offer Trend Reports to easily track changes in rank over time, but it also has several ways to easily share results with clients. Sign up for Local Falcon to get new insight on your clients today. 

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