How Marketing Agencies Can Use Local Falcon To Build Better Local SEO Strategies

April 17th, 2024, 09:00 AM

Helping brick-and-mortar businesses and service providers get found in local search is a valuable service that marketing agencies can offer. 

However, local search engine optimization is a specialized niche of SEO that requires its own unique set of tools and techniques in order to build effective strategies that truly boost clients' local search performance — and that's where Local Falcon comes in.

Local Falcon combines highly accurate local rank tracking with AI-powered local SEO support tools that can save marketing agencies tons of time when it comes to building strong local search engine optimization strategies for clients.

What Are the Benefits of Using Local Falcon To Build Local SEO Strategies for Clients?

  1. Fast and Accurate Local Rank Tracking Results
  2. Integrated AI Analysis and Optimization Recommendations
  3. AI-Powered Local SEO Virtual Assistant
  4. Various Report Types To Choose From
  5. In-Depth Competitor Analysis Tools
  6. Valuable Local Ranking Data for Prospecting

Fast and Accurate Local Rank Tracking Results

One of the biggest challenges marketers face when building local SEO strategies for their clients is getting timely, accurate data about local rankings. Any type of SEO is all about the numbers, and having access to local ranking data when and where you need it is the key to building better local search engine optimization strategies.

Local Falcon uses a grid-based tracking system to analyze local search results anywhere and anytime you want — down to a hyper-local level (we're talking blocks). This allows for more precise and granular tracking of local rankings, ultimately leading to more tailored optimizations.

There's no limit to the number of keywords or locations you can run local rank tracking scans for, and Local Falcon can simultaneously track rankings for a large number of locations quickly and efficiently, making it highly scalable for working with multi-location businesses or numerous clients.

Local Falcon's real-time ranking updates allow you to closely monitor how clients' local search rankings are changing, making it easier to track the effectiveness of local SEO efforts and make timely adjustments to strategies.

All local rank tracking results in Local Falcon include a highly visual geo-grid heat map that shows the distribution of rankings across the grid, making it easy to see trends and patterns in local search rankings that can further guide your local SEO strategies.

Integrated AI Analysis and Optimization Recommendations

Local Falcon reports feature fully integrated Falcon AI analysis, complete with actionable optimization recommendations. This can save marketers lots of time when it comes to actually analyzing rank tracking scan results and drawing insights from them.

For example, if you're just getting started with a new client, Falcon AI will highlight easy wins that can make an immediate difference, such as updating business information or adding relevant categories to business listings.

As you implement optimizations as part of a client's local SEO strategy, Falcon AI will confirm what's already been optimized and what still needs more work. The AI will even point out opportunities to outrank vulnerable competitors at specific points on a scan's grid.

AI-Powered Local SEO Virtual Assistant

If you talk to any marketing professional and ask them what would help them build better local SEO strategies for clients, a common answer you're likely to hear is having an extra team member.

Well, Local Falcon's Falcon Assist is just that — it's the first AI-powered virtual assistant built exclusively for local SEO.

Falcon Assist is a chat-based AI tool that can answer all your queries about client businesses, specific rank tracking scans, competitors, Local Falcon, and local search engine optimization in general.

Marketers can use this powerful feature to save time when developing local SEO strategies for clients by quickly expanding on their own knowledge and insights. 

Falcon Assist puts enterprise-level local SEO insights at the fingertips of any agency, no matter its size or budget.

Various Report Types To Choose From

Another pain point marketers deal with when creating local search engine optimization strategies is reporting — insightful reporting is key to developing winning strategies, but putting the reporting together can be incredibly time consuming and cut into the time you have for optimizations.

Local Falcon provides many different report types that are ready out of the box for you to analyze or share with stakeholders, putting more time back in your pocket to focus on the strategic side of things.

These varied reports are automatically generated based on the scans you've run, and allow you to track and visualize individual, multi-location, and competitor rankings. The easy-to-interpret, highly visual data they provide can help you explain local SEO strategies to clients and demonstrate their results in a way that anyone can understand.

In-Depth Competitor Analysis Tools

Competitor analysis is the bread and butter of building successful local SEO strategies, and Local Falcon serves up in-depth competitor analysis on demand.

As we mentioned earlier, Falcon AI provides detailed competitor analysis in individual reports, and you can ask Falcon Assist specific questions about any client's competitors to gain the additional insights you need to help guide your strategies. 

Additionally, dedicated Competitor Reports allow you to visualize the ranking of every local competitor for a business and help you plan your client's route to the top of the rankings.

Valuable Local Ranking Data for Prospecting

Successful execution of local SEO strategies often begins before you even sign a deal with a client, during the prospecting phase of your marketing agency's sales process.

Local Falcon can help marketing sales professionals perform comprehensive local SEO audits for potential clients. This serves the dual purpose of helping them determine who the best prospects are and providing invaluable data for personalizing outreach and tailoring sales pitches to sign them on as new clients.

By gathering local rank tracking data early on, you can build a solid foundation for successful ongoing local search engine optimization, setting realistic expectations and, ultimately, improving client satisfaction and retention rates.


Marketing agencies looking to build better local SEO strategies for their clients can leverage Local Falcon to enhance their process along every step of the way. 

Local Falcon's ability to provide real-time, highly accurate local rank tracking results, along with its integrated AI and other time-saving features, can greatly amplify the capabilities of any marketing agency, resulting in tangible performance improvements for both the agency and its clients.

Ready to see how Local Falcon can benefit your marketing agency? Give it a try today!

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