Falcon Assist: Your Very Own AI-Powered Virtual Assistant for Local SEO

Whether you're a small to medium-sized business, a multi-location business, a service-area business, or an agency, Local SEO takes a lot of work, and you can surely use a hand from time to time — that's where Falcon Assist comes in.

Falcon Assist is an AI-powered virtual assistant, built into Local Falcon and ready to answer all your questions related to local SEO and Local Falcon, ultimately helping you work more efficiently.


All Your Local SEO Questions Answered

Falcon Assist helps Local Falcon users get quick answers to important questions about creating a local SEO strategy, how to optimize business listings, how to use Local Falcon, how to improve local rankings, and everything in between. The AI assistant can also pull data from your past scans to provide you with valuable insights about your business and competitors.


Ask Falcon Assist Anything Related To Local SEO and Local Falcon

As long as your queries are relevant to local SEO and Local Falcon, there's no limit to what you can ask Falcon Assist. Try asking for optimization tips, scan data, information about your competitors, and anything else that's on your mind to help boost your local SEO efforts.


Draw on a Wealth of Local SEO and Local Falcon Knowledge

Falcon Assist learns from top local SEO experts and sources and has access to all knowledge contained within Local Falcon, and it's continuously learning and expanding on this knowledge — we're serious when we say you can ask it anything about local SEO and Local Falcon!


Easily Refer Back To Your Past Chats

All your past chats with Falcon Assist are saved in your account, so you can refer back to them for answers to questions and valuable insights at a later date. Keep in mind there's no limit to how many questions you can ask Falcon Assist, and you can start a new thread any time.

How To Use Falcon Assist

Falcon Assist is available to all subscribers in a limited capacity, however, annual and enterprise users will enjoy virtually unlimited access to Falcon Assist, Local Falcon's AI assistant. To start learning with Falcon Assist, simply go to your Local Falcon Dashboard and click on "Falcon Assist" in the main navigation menu.

This will open up the tool, where you can start a new conversation with Falcon Assist, continue a past thread, or look through your saved conversations. Using Falcon Assist is super intuitive and similar to other AI-based chat platforms — just ask a question to get started!

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