How To Compare Two Google Business Profile Listings Side by Side in Local Falcon

November 9th, 2023, 10:00 AM

Have you ever wished you could see a side-by-side comparison of two Google Business Profile listings in Local Falcon? Well, here's a quick guide to how you can!

Side-by-side Google Business Profile listing comparisons are available in the Competitor Reports section of Local Falcon, offering a handy way to quickly see how different business locations stack up in terms of their listings.

Where To Find Side-by-Side Google Business Profile Comparisons in Local Falcon

To access these handy side-by-side comparisons, you just have to open up any Competitor Report containing one of the business locations you want to compare from a previous scan .

Once you've opened up the report, simply hover your mouse over (on desktop) or tap (on mobile) the first business location you want to compare to see the "Compare Locations" button (located under the location's rank in the report).

Click the button and a pop-up will appear, where you can select the second location you want to compare from a drop-down. Hit the "Compare Businesses" button to finalize your selection — the side-by-side comparison of the two locations' Google Business Profile listings will then pop up right away!

What Information Can You See When You Compare Google Business Profile Listings?

The first thing you'll see when you compare two business locations' listings is their ranking in the Competitor Report you selected them from. This ranking is determined by each business's respective Share of Local Voice (SoLV) score, which is awarded according to how often the business's listing appears in the top three positions on Google.

After that, you'll see key business information from each listing, including business name, address, phone number, number of reviews, average review rating, listing categories, and whether or not the Google Business Profile is claimed.

Towards the bottom of the side-by-side comparison, you'll see more technical information from the scan, such as how many data points each business appears in, the ARP/ATRP/SoLV scores, and even a minimalistic view of how the business appears on the scan's grid results.

Potential Use Cases for Side-by-Side Comparisons of Google Business Profiles

Comparing a Google Business Profile You Manage To a Competitor's

The most obvious way to use this feature is to compare a Google Business Profile listing managed by you to that of a competitor, providing a high-level view of how the two listings weigh up against one another.

Comparing Two Competitors' Google Business Profiles

Side-by-side Google Business Profile comparisons are also useful for comparing two competitors, perhaps helping you better identify opportunities to outrank them on Google, or helping you prioritize local SEO strategies.

Preparing for Outreach To Potential Clients

For agency professionals, these side-by-side comparisons can also be a powerful tool for improving outreach efforts, boosting your chances of converting leads and prospects to clients.

For example, you might reference key information found in these comparisons to highlight how your agency services can help improve a potential client's ranking. You could even include a screenshot of the comparison in an outreach email, letting them see for themselves how their Google Business Profile listing ranks against a competitor and showing you have the tools to get the job done.

Try Comparing Google Business Profile Listings Today!

As long as you have a Competitor Report available from a previous scan, you can view side-by-side comparisons of Google Business Profile listings for free — they don't cost you any extra credits to see.

So, what are you waiting for? Give this useful feature a try today and let us know what you think!


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