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Can I scan my competitors?

Definitely! Your local competitors will show up in a scan and can easily be seen on the Competitor Report page. You can also initiate a scan using ...

Article KB5  ·  Last updated on 9/14/2021, 10:09 AM

Why are the results a bit different than some other rank trackers?

Other rank trackers make you choose a location to scan from, usually a zip or postal code, and will choose one spot to scan from within that area. S...

Article KB8  ·  Last updated on 9/14/2021, 10:08 AM

What localities does this Rank Scanner work in?

Local Falcon works everywhere in the world and with any language!

Article KB4  ·  Last updated on 10/6/2020, 4:13 PM

What information do you collect about me while using the site?

We will only ask for information that is necessary to be in compliance with the law. For example, we will need your address when upgrading your acco...

Article KB14  ·  Last updated on 10/6/2020, 3:59 PM