What's NEW in Local Falcon 3.0?
Lower Price
Re-Engineered Platform
Most Intuitive User Experience
Power-Boosted Reporting

Automated Local Rank Tracking Software


Multi-point grid results for accuracy

Most rank trackers return results based upon on a centroid geographic location (such as zip code center).

Local Falcon gives you a bird's eye view at multiple scan points to accurately represent search results from your neighborhood. Local Falcon even works with service area businesses.


Drop-dead intuitive interface for time savings

No extra clicks. No clunk. Everything you want to do, Local Falcon predicted it and baked it in. Save time with location uploads by OAuth, schedule scans... search... save... sort.

Customize data points. Switch them on and off. Name reports, automate them. Easily track for locations, dates, trends, and more.

Competitor Insights

Competitor insights for competitive advantage

Use SoLV reports to monitor and manage your local ranking for your locations and examine detailed competitor reports too.

Dissect and track your competition's tactics for improved visibility into your strategic environment. Get the ultimate brand lift in your geography.

And now the best local rank tracking tool costs less too.

Top 3 Results

Nothing is more important than Local Search

Your location either shows up in the Google Map 3-pack... or it doesn't. And if it doesn't, you have zero visibility in local search. Today, more than half of internet searches have local intent.

Research reveals that appearing in Google Maps is the #1 best return on your SEO investment. Optimize for local first.

You CAN'T FIX what you CAN'T SEE

SEOs know certain metrics as though they were name, rank, and serial number– (domain authority, cost per click, keywords ranking). But do you know your local visibility scores? Your Share of Local Voice (SoLV) metric? Your average rank position (ARP) in Google Maps by keyword?

Knowing where you stand lets you monitor and manage your rank position. You can be aware of your competition; then you're confident about how and where to spend your SEO and PPC advertising budget

Example Grid Search Results
Fix Your Low Scores

How Do I Fix Low Scores?

If your visibility score is low, there are simple local SEO solutions. Improve your Google My Business profile. Create posts, upload photos, respond to reviews, utilize the Q&A section, upload inventory and more.

If you manage multiple locations, there are tools available to automate the rote work of local search engine optimization.

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What's New

What's New in Local Falcon 3.0

Completely redesigned for 2021, the new Local Falcon features:

  • A complete overhaul of the user interface
  • Share of Local Voice: Scoring on the ultimate local visibility metric
  • SoLV Reports to understand your visibility
  • The ability to scan Service-Area-Businesses (SAB)
  • Import locations via oAuth by directly connecting a Google My Business account
  • Run multiple scans concurrently
  • Customize scan grid points
  • WHite-label features
  • Detailed reports
  • Enhanced notification system
  • Competitor Tracking
  • Animated trending view
PLUS! Save 93% per scan point with the new pricing packages.

Local Falcon is a game changer, this level of insight into local pack rankings is so much better than trying to track with multiple zip codes.

This local search tool from Local Falcon is fantastic. Great way to visualize how you rank in different parts of the city/town.

Local Falcon is the original multipoint local rank tracker to monitor the coverage area strength of a Google My Business Listing.

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