How many credits will I need for Local Falcon?

To understand the number of credits you will need for Local Falcon, there are six variables to keep in-mind: 

+ Grid size (for example, a 7x7 grid is 49 credits). 

+ Number of keywords you plan to scan (the average user typically scans about 10 keywords). 

+ Number of listings you want to scan (keep in-mind you may also want to schedule dedicated scans for competitors). 

+ Whether or not you would like to use Falcon AI for scan report analysis and recommendations (the average user adds Falcon AI on their listing scans, but not on competitors). 

+ The platforms you plan to track your rank on (Google and Apple).

+ The frequency of how often you want to run your scans (we recommend either weekly, or bi-weekly to get a good trend analysis).  

Once you've determined what makes the most sense, take a look at the packages on our pricing page. Keep in-mind you may want to leave some extra room for experiments and one-off scans as well :) 


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