How (And Why) To Add Photos To Your Google Business Profile

March 20th, 2024, 09:00 AM

Having a Google Business Profile with complete and accurate business information is a great first step towards ranking in local search results, but there's a simple way to take your Google Business Profile to the next level — adding photos.

Not only does adding photos to your Google Business Profile add visual interest and allow you to showcase your business, products, and services, it's also a crucial part of optimizing your Google Business profile to improve its visibility.

Why Should You Add Photos To Your Google Business Profile?

Create a Good First Impression

In local search, first impressions are everything. When potential customers search for businesses online, your Google Business Profile is often their first point of contact. Photos help create a positive first impression and can influence their decision to choose your business.

Of course, things like reviews and up-to-date business information also play a big role in helping customers decide which business to choose. But photos can give them that extra push in the direction of your business if they're trying to choose between you and competitors.

Showcase Your Products and Services

Photos allow you to showcase your products, services, and offerings visually, complementing your categories and business description. Enticing images can help customers understand what sets your business apart from the competition.

Make sure that the photos you add to your Google Business Profile are all business-specific. Ideally, you want most of them to be directly related to your Google Business Profile categories, but feel free to get creative and share a variety of image types. 

Here are some recommendations from Google for different types of business-specific photos to consider uploading:

    • Exterior Photos: Shots of the outside of your business from different angles can help customers recognize it.
    • Interior Photos: Photos of the inside of your business help potential customers get a feel for what it's like and decide if they want to visit.
    • Product Photos: High-quality photos of the most popular products you offer will give customers a stronger understanding of what you sell.
    • Photos at Work: For service-based businesses, adding photos of you and your team at work, along with some of the final results, lets you showcase your service offerings.
    • Photos of Food and Drink: For restaurants, bars, cafes, and other food and beverage industry businesses, adding photos of food and drink to your GBP are essential.
    • Photos of Common Areas: If you're adding photos to a Google Business Profile for a hotel or another hospitality business, make sure to add some photos of common areas to show customers what amenities they can expect.
    • Photos of Different Rooms: Hospitality business profiles should also include photos of the different available guest rooms to provide an honest look at the accommodations.

  • Team Photos: No matter what industry you're in, uploading team photos to your GBP provides an opportunity to show a more personal side of your business and its culture.

Build Trust and Credibility

Authentic photos of your business, team, and products/services can help build trust with potential customers. They get a first-hand glimpse into your business and can see exactly what to expect when they visit.

Increase Visibility

Last, but certainly not least, Google Business Profiles with photos are more likely to get seen and interacted with — they get more clicks, calls, and direction requests. 

The more photos you have, the better your chances are of ranking highly in local search results, which makes it easier for customers to find you. And, people are more likely to click on and interact with a profile that has lots of high-quality, relevant photos.

How Many Google Business Profile Photos Should You Add?

Google recommends uploading at least three of every type of business-specific photo that's relevant to your Google Business Profile. 

For example, if you're optimizing Google Business Profile for a restaurant by adding photos, you should upload at least three each of the exterior, the interior, food and drink, and your team.

Or, let's say you're adding photos to GBP for a service-based business, such as a general contractor. In this case, you might add at least three photos of the team and at least three of them at work on different construction or renovation projects.

Of course, three is just the recommended starting point — the more, the better. Stats show that Google Business Profiles with 100+ photos have drastically more exposure and engagement than the average business.

How To Add Photos To Your Google Business Profile

Adding photos to your Google Business Profile is a straightforward process. Here's how you can do it:

  1. Sign in to Google Business Profile: Go to Google Business Profile and sign in using your Google account.
  2. Select Your Business Location: If you manage multiple locations, select the one you want to manage.
  3. Click on "Add photo": In the main menu, click on "Add photo" to access the photo management section.
  4. Choose the Type of Photo to Add: You can add three different types of photos, including a logo, a cover photo, and additional business photos. Select the type of photo you want to add and continue.
  5. Add Your Photos: Choose the photos you want to upload from your device and add them.
  6. Regularly Update Your Photos: To keep your Google Business Profile fresh, engaging, and optimized, regularly update your photos with new and relevant images.

Final Words

Adding photos to your Google Business Profile is a simple yet effective way to polish your profile and attract more customers. 

Not only do photos increase your profile's relevance to local searches, improving your local ranking, they also boost engagement with your profile, leading to more website visits, calls, and direction requests.

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