How To Convert Leads into Sales with the Help of a Local Rank Tracker

November 8th, 2023, 10:00 AM

For sales professionals working in digital marketing sales, the process of converting leads into loyal clients can be a complex journey.

Businesses of all sizes, from small service-area businesses to large multi-location enterprises, constantly receive cold outreach from agency sales teams that want to win them as clients, so it's important to differentiate yourself if you want to stand out from the pack.

Fortunately, there are more tools than ever that can provide invaluable data about cold leads, which you can then use to personalize outreach, demonstrate the value of your services, and nurture prospects until they become clients.

If part of the services you offer to clients is local SEO, one such tool that can significantly aid you throughout this sales process (and beyond) is a local rank tracker. By utilizing local rank tracking data, marketers can tailor their approach to potential clients, enhance their outreach efforts, and ultimately drive conversions.

Follow These Steps To Convert Leads into Clients for Your Digital Marketing Services

1. Gather Local Ranking Data for Leads and Their Competitors

Before you can effectively convert leads into sales, it's crucial to have a deep understanding of both your leads and the competitive landscape they do business in. This is where a local rank tracker comes into play — and why one should be part of your sales funnel right from the start.

A local rank tracker, such as Local Falcon, allows you to monitor the search engine results page (SERP) rankings of your leads' Google Business Profile listings, as well as those of their competitors.

By gathering this data, you gain valuable insights into their online visibility, keyword performance, and overall SEO success to date.

Performing basic local rank tracking scans for cold leads provides you with invaluable data that not only helps you understand your leads' current online presence, but also provides you with a solid foundation for personalized outreach.

Using a local rank tracker that allows you to perform bulk scans for different business locations is a very cost-effective way to gather this data for a large number of leads.

Local Falcon, for example, not only offers bulk scan capabilities, but even has a specialized Sales Enrichment Tool that allows you to upload sales lead lists to automatically populate the spreadsheets with information about their Google Business Profile listings and rankings.

2. Use Local Rank Tracking Data To Personalize Cold Outreach Emails

Cold outreach can often feel like a shot in the dark, but with local rank tracking data, you can take a strategic and personalized approach to it.

Armed with insights about your leads' keyword rankings and search visibility, you can craft tailored email messages that directly address their potential pain points and offer solutions.

For example, if the local rank tracker reveals that a lead's listing is struggling to rank for certain highly-relevant keywords in their industry, your outreach email could highlight this gap and propose a solution.

You might also mention specific keywords where their competitors are excelling and explain how your services can help bridge the gap.

By using concrete data, you demonstrate that you've done your homework and are genuinely invested in their success, which already puts you above many of your competitors who may be pitching their services to the same leads.

This personalized approach to cold outreach can greatly increase the likelihood of capturing your lead's attention from the first point of contact and sparking a meaningful conversation.

3. Strive to Demonstrate Potential Value To Turn Leads into Prospects

In the competitive world of sales, value is the name of the game. To successfully convert leads into prospects — potential clients who are interested in what you're selling, but haven't committed yet — you must clearly communicate the potential value your product or service brings to the table.

Use the insights gathered from your local rank tracker to create compelling value propositions tailored to each lead's unique situation. Highlight how improving their search engine rankings and local search performance can directly impact their business growth and bottom line.

Whether it's increasing website traffic, generating more qualified leads, or boosting online visibility above competitors, make a strong case for the benefits they can expect.

Additionally, you can provide case studies or success stories of similar clients who have achieved impressive results by leveraging your local SEO solutions. When prospects see tangible evidence of the value you've delivered to others in their industry, they'll be more inclined to see you as a trusted partner.

4. Continue To Nurture Prospects Using Data from Your Local Rank Tracker

Converting a lead into a prospect is a step that's still near the beginning of the sales journey. To guide them further down the sales funnel and eventually close the deal, ongoing nurturing is essential, and here's where your local rank tracker steps in once again.

Continue to monitor your prospects' keyword rankings and search performance over time. Send them regular updates showcasing their rankings and highlighting the performance of competitors and opportunities to outrank them.

For instance, if you notice an opportunity to outrank a competitor for a "low-hanging-fruit" keyword, share this with them and explain how you could help them start ranking above the competitor for that search term within weeks of contracting your local SEO services.

Additionally, use the local rank tracking data to identify new opportunities and areas for growth.

For example, if you notice that a certain keyword that a prospect is currently not ranking for is gaining traction in their industry, explain how you could optimize their business listings and content around it to capitalize on the trend — before their competition catches on.

This proactive approach positions you as a trusted advisor who will be committed to their long-term success.

Final Words

For agency professionals offering local SEO services, a local rank tracker is a powerful tool that can significantly enhance lead conversion efforts.

By gathering local ranking data for cold leads and their competitors, personalizing your outreach, demonstrating value, and nurturing prospects, you can take a strategic and data-driven approach that boosts your chances of turning leads into loyal clients.

Remember, in the saturated world of digital marketing, a well-informed and personalized approach to sales is often the key to success, and Local Falcon is the rank tracking tool that can accompany you in taking this approach!


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