Why a Local Rank Tracker Should Be Part of Every Sales Funnel

August 10th, 2023, 10:00 AM

For modern sales professionals working in B2B sales of white-glove digital marketing services, generating leads is easier than ever before. With various online marketing strategies at your disposal and the availability of lead lists from numerous third parties, digital agencies can easily find businesses to reach out and pitch their services to. 

However, converting those leads into paying clients remains a challenge for many sales professionals. A big part of why it's so hard to close sales is that many of these leads are constantly bombarded by sales professionals offering various professional services, making them less likely to respond to cold outreach emails, especially if your messages aren't personalized in any way.

This is where a local rank tracker comes into play — by providing invaluable data and visual reports that can be used to personalize cold outreach at the beginning of the sales funnel, a local rank tracker can contribute to significantly higher conversion rates. 

If you're a sales professional working in digital marketing sales, a local rank tracker should be an integral part of your sales funnel, as it helps you set you and your agency apart from the competition and demonstrate immediate value to potential clients.

Definition of the Sales Funnel

Before delving into the importance of a local rank tracker for improving sales prospects, let's briefly define the sales funnel.

The sales funnel represents the journey that a lead (a potential customer) takes, from the initial contact to becoming a prospect (an interested lead) and, ultimately, a customer. It typically consists of several broad stages, including lead generation, lead nurturing, and conversion. 

While lead generation may be relatively straightforward, the subsequent stages require careful attention and personalized strategies if you want potential clients to choose your company's services over all the others that get offered to them.

The Challenges of Converting Leads into Clients

Converting leads into paying customers is always the end goal of the sales funnel, and doing so requires a deep understanding of every lead's and prospect's needs, pain points, and goals. 

However, acquiring such knowledge during the early stages of the sales funnel can be a daunting task, especially when dealing with large numbers of leads, such as those provided in sales lead lists purchased from third-party providers. 

While these types of lead lists are a great starting point and provide key contact information, sales professionals need reliable data and insights to personalize their outreach efforts effectively.

Benefits of Implementing a Local Rank Tracker in Your Sales Funnel

A local rank tracker is a powerful tool that provides comprehensive information about a business's online visibility as related to specific keyword searches in a specific geographic area. Local rank trackers can also provide the same information about local competitors for comparison.

By utilizing a local rank tracker, sales professionals can access exclusive data, reports, and graphics that empower them to personalize their outreach emails, show the value of the white-glove services they're pitching, and ultimately improve conversion rates. 

Personalized Outreach

Armed with data on a lead's search engine rankings and local visibility, sales professionals can tailor their outreach emails to address specific local ranking opportunities and offer relevant, personalized solutions. 

By referencing each potential customer's online visibility, such as by highlighting specific relevant keywords for which their business could improve its ranking or by including competitor analysis to suggest opportunities to outrank them, sales professionals can demonstrate their understanding and expertise, making each pitch more unique and compelling.

Show the Value of White-Glove Services 

For businesses offering premium, personalized services, a local rank tracker is an indispensable asset because it helps potential clients easily understand the value they could gain from said services. 

Sales professionals can utilize the visual data and reports from a local rank tracker to showcase the potential benefits of their white-glove services in a non-technical way. 

By illustrating how their offerings can significantly improve the prospect's online presence, boost search engine rankings, and increase local visibility, sales professionals can effectively position their agencies as trusted partners rather than generic, one-size-fits-all service providers.

Improve Conversion Rates

Initial outreach to leads may net you some prospects who respond with interest, but interest doesn't guarantee sales — you need to keep providing custom data to nurture prospects, convince them of the value of your services, and eventually convert them to customers. 

A local rank tracker helps you identify specific areas where prospects may be struggling or falling behind their competitors. By presenting this data in an easily digestible format, such as through visually appealing reports and graphics, sales professionals can effectively communicate how your services can improve local rankings in a way that prospects understand. 

In short, local rank tracking data can play a big role in demonstrating how your solutions can address a prospect's pain points and help them achieve their business goals to provide a return on their investment, which ultimately leads to higher conversion rates.

Wrapping Up

While lead generation may be the starting point of the sales funnel, converting leads into paying clients is the ultimate goal. This process requires personalized strategies, a strong understanding of each prospect's needs, and effective communication of value. 

A local rank tracker can play a pivotal role in equipping sales professionals with the data, reports, and visuals that empower them to personalize outreach efforts, demonstrate the value of white-glove agency services, and improve conversion rates. 

Gain a Competitive Edge with Local Falcon

In today's highly competitive B2B sales landscape, gaining a competitive edge is crucial. By incorporating Local Falcon's local rank tracker into your sales funnel, you can help your digital services business stay one step ahead of your competitors. 

Sales professionals armed with accurate and up-to-date local ranking data can identify market trends and opportunities, compare leads' performance to that of their competitors, and adapt their sales strategies accordingly. This proactive approach enables you to differentiate your agency and offer tailored solutions that resonate with your target audience.

Try Local Falcon today to start leveraging local rank-tracking data to streamline your sales process and turn more leads into paying customers!


Why a Local Rank Tracker Should Be Part of Every Sales Funnel

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