You Can Now Track Your Local Ranking for Apple Business Connect Locations with Local Falcon

November 17th, 2023, 03:56 PM

apple-maps-lf.pngIf you manage any Apple Maps business listings (via Apple Business Connect), you'll be happy to know that Local Falcon now supports local rank tracking for Apple Maps locations.

While Google Maps remains the undisputed champ of local search, iOS users often use the native Apple Maps app to search for nearby businesses. In fact, due to a slew of updates that have improved the interface and usability of Apple Maps in recent years, Apple is clearly stepping into the local search ring with Google and attempting to get back some of the market share it has lost over the years. 

With that in mind, it's definitely worthwhile to run scans for Apple Business Connect listings, and track your Apple Maps ranking regularly to ensure you're covering all the bases of your local web presence. 

How Does Rank Tracking for Apple Business Connect Locations Work?

Running a Map Scan for an Apple Maps location works exactly the same as running one for a Google Maps location — it's as simple as searching for and adding the Apple Business Connect location to your Local Falcon account the same way you would for a Google Business Profile location. Then, when you set up a new Map Scan be sure to select the Apple location from your list.

To search for Apple Maps locations to add, just make sure you toggle the platform selection to Apple Maps before performing a text search using the business name. Afterwards, you'll see an Apple logo next to business locations that pop up when you search. 

Toggle Apple Maps in Local Falcon's Location Search

Can I see a step-by-step guide of how to track my ranking on Apple Business Connect?

Yes, for sure! Check out our Knowledge Base article on how to scan and track your Apple Business Connect listings here.

What About Scan Reports for Apple Business Connect Locations?

Scan Reports for Apple Business Connect locations live in the same place as those for Google Maps locations. All your reports will now have either a Google or Apple logo next to their descriptions, indicating which platform the Scan Report is for.


How Important Is Tracking Local Ranking for Apple Business Connect Listings?

Officially launched in the US in January 2023, Apple Business Connect is still a relatively new online map-based business listing service.

As such, many businesses have not yet added or claimed their Apple Maps listings, and most people — more than 80% of search users — continue to rely on Google Maps to find local businesses. 

That being said, Apple Maps is the second most popular mobile maps application, with approximately 10-12% of mobile users preferring it over Google Maps. 

Apple Business Connect is a direct competitor to Google Business Profile, and is likely to grow in popularity over the years and months to come. Because of this, it may be worth it to run a baseline scan or two for your business listing(s) on Apple Maps to help you identify competitors and opportunities.

If you see that there isn't much competition currently, it's probably a good idea to keep running Map Scans for Apple Maps at regular intervals, perhaps monthly or bi-monthly, to continue monitoring performance and competition on the platform. 

At the very least, this will provide you with more data to show stakeholders, improving your enterprise reporting and analytics and helping to reinforce your local search optimization strategies for Google.

Try Checking the Rank Any Business on Apple Maps Today!

Apple Maps rank tracking is now live in Local Falcon, so log in to your Local Falcon account and try running your first Map Scan for an Apple Maps location now!

If you have no idea what we're talking about, you might want to head on over to Apple Business Connect and add or claim your business listing to get ahead of the competition and start tracking local ranking for your business on Apple Maps! 

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