Local Search Optimization for Service Area Businesses

For service area businesses, it can be difficult to build a recognizable local presence. A lack of local storefront and being limited to only one profile for the area they serve makes it difficult to build a local SEO strategy.

That's where Local Falcon comes in. Local Falcon is a powerful rank tracker tool that's perfect for keeping up with local SEO. The concept is simple — choose a keyword (or keywords) relevant to your business, select a grid size and scan radius, and our rank tracker will show you how you rank at each point on the grid compared to your local competitors.

Local Falcon is full of useful tools for local search optimization. Here are three:



Hidden Address Scanning Capabilities

Because service area businesses lack a physical storefront, many of them have hidden business addresses. However, Local Falcon's hidden address scanning feature means that you can still scan your local ranking, even without a publicly available address.


Adjustable Scan Center

Want to see where people are searching most for your services? Local Falcon's adjustable scan center means you can scan any area you want. Simply drag the center point on the grid to a different spot on the map and the rest of the grid will adjust itself accordingly.


Keyword Suggestion

Have you ever wondered what words clients use when looking for your business? Local Falcon's keyword suggestion feature has you covered. This tool suggests keywords for your scans based on words people use when searching for your business. It also shows you the monthly impressions for each keyword, meaning you can focus on the ones with the highest attraction potential.

Build your Local SEO Strategy with Local Falcon

Local Falcon is a useful tool for service area businesses looking to optimize their local SEO. Not only can it scan for businesses regardless of hidden addresses, you can adjust the center of your scan to any part of the map, meaning you aren't limited to your central business location. You can even use suggested keywords to gain insight into how potential consumers search for your business. Sign up for Local Falcon today and see how you rank.

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