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How To Compare Google Business Profile Listings In Local Falcon

Last updated on 10/5/2023, 11:38 AM

  1. After logging into Local Falcon navigate to the "Competitor Reports" page using the menu item located on the left side menu in the "Reports" section. 


  2. From the list of reports open the report containing the locations you want to compare using the "View Competitor Report" button (local-falcon-open-competitor-report-icon.png).

  3. Hover over (tap on mobile) one of the locations you wish to compare to reveal the "Compare Locations" button (local-falcon-compare-locations-icon.png).


  4. Choose the second location you wish to compare in the drop-down menu then click "Compare Businesses.


  5. You'll now see a side-by-side comparison of the two selected locations from the scan.

    When comparing listings most notably you'll see:  
    • Rank - Where each location ranks is the competitor report (sorted by my SoLV)
    • Name - Business Name
    • Address - Businesses Address
    • Phone - Businesses Phone Number
    • Actual URL - The Businesses Linked URL
    • Rating - Average Review Rating for the Location
    • Reviews- The number of reviews the location has gotten
    • Categories - All of the categories added to the Business Listing
    • Found In - The Number of points the location was found during the scan.
    • ARP - Average Ranking Position
    • ATRP - Average Total Ranking Position
    • SoLV - Share of Local Voice
    • Grid Results - A minimalistic grid view of the scan results.