Local Falcon In the News

Sure, our visual scans look cool, but we've worked really hard to build LocalFalcon into a 'really useful' tool (apologies to Thomas the Tank Engine).

And isn't it awesome when your idea gets validated? You bet it is!

Here's a collection of what some local search experts have been saying about us…

Presenters at SEO conferences have used our screenshots in their talks:

Authorative SEO Articles

Does Twitter count? Sure why not!

Twitter Feedback - Dave DiGregorio Local Falcon

Google Product Expert Ben Fisher:

Twitter Feedback - Ben Fisher Local Falcon

Jara Moser summarizes it very well. Thanks Jara!

Jara Moser Twiiter Feedback Local Falcon

Brian didn't think we would add it, but here it is!

Twitter Feedback - Brian Barwig Local Falcon

Early adopter; Andy Simpson with multiple tweets.

Twitter Feedback - Andy Simpson Local Falcon

If you want to find out a bit more, here is an interview article that Phil Rosek published about Local Falcon as well.

If you have written a piece that includes a Local Falcon scan, or performed an SEO experiment using our tool, let us know. We'll be glad to help out and link it here as well!