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Analytics professionals can only fulfill their role when given sufficient data. Data allows you to make predictions about consumer behavior and adjust your marketing strategy to match it. Successful predictions lead to successful advertising campaigns and increased profits; failed predictions, meanwhile, waste time and money. Neither are infinite, so it's crucial that any predictions you make regarding a business's marketing be as well-founded as possible.

That's where Local Falcon comes in. Local Falcon is a powerful, versatile rank-tracking tool that can help you get the most out of your local ranking data. The process is simple: simply choose a keyword (or keywords) relevant to your business, select a grid size and scan radius, and Local Falcon's rank tracker will tell you how you rank at each point on the grid compared to local competitors.

Local Falcon is full of useful tools to grant you insight on local SEO. Here are three:



Keyword Suggestion

Whether you'd like some insight on how people search for your business or just need a place to start when choosing keywords for scanning, Local Falcon has you covered. Our keyword suggestion tool will suggest keywords based on words people use to search for your business on Google. It'll also show you the estimated monthly impressions your business is getting from each term, allowing you to focus on the ones with the highest attraction potential. If you want to check out multiple suggested keywords at once, there's also the Location Report feature.


Competitor Tracking

If you want to adjust your business's marketing strategy to counter competitors, Local Falcon provides an easy way to do so. The competitor tracking feature allows you to search for your competitor's keyword ranking and use the resulting information to adjust your marketing strategy. This can also be useful for website analytics — if your client is ranking noticeably higher for certain keywords, see how they're being utilized on their website and adjust your own online presence to counter it.


Looker Studio Integration

Even if you compile a large amount of ranking data, it can be difficult to make sense of it unless it's arranged in a way you can understand. Luckily, Local Falcon offers easy integration with Looker Studio (formerly Google Data Studio). Looker Studio allows you to create custom dashboards and reports you can use to visualize your data. For those subscribed to the Basic payment tier or higher, this information comes white-labeled.

Make the Most of Your Data with Local Falcon

Local Falcon is the perfect tool for those who want information on local rankings for use in data analytics. Not only does it offer a keyword suggestion tool to give you insight on how people are searching for your business; it also integrates seamlessly with Looker Studio, allowing you to visualize your data with custom reports. Sign up for Local Falcon today and see how you rank.

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