Local Ranking for Government Services

Even government services should utilize local SEO. Because your services are often essential for the public, it's important to know where the highest demand for them lies.

That's why you should use Local Falcon. Local Falcon is a powerful rank tracker that's perfect for tracking the local demand for your services. It's simple — just choose a keyword (or keywords) related to your business, select a grid size and scan radius, and Local Falcon will tell you your keyword ranking at each point compared to your competitors.

Local Falcon is full of useful tools to help you track your local ranking. Here are three:



Scan Reports

Want to see where your services are most requested around town? Local Falcon's adjustable scan center means you don't have to keep your address at the center of your radius map. Simply drag the center to a new location on the map, and the rest of the grid will adjust itself accordingly. Want to know what residents are asking for? The keyword suggestion feature can generate more items for discussion.


Hidden Address Scanning Capability

Looking for reliable contractors to improve infrastructure, maintenance, or help deliver vital services to residents? Local Falcon Scan Report tool includes Service Area Businesses (SABs) with hidden addresses, and by using our Share of Local Voice (SoLV) metric, you can evaluate those with the most local authority.


Whitelabeled Trend Reporting

Government services often rely heavily on grant funding — combine local SEO insights with demographic and economic data to strengthen your case. Local Falcon's Trend Reports present local rank changes over time, in an easily understood bar or line graph format. Apply the whitelabeling feature to give reports the authority your office commands.

Boost Local Rankings with Local Falcon

Local Falcon is a highly useful tool for both the public and private sectors. Whether you're aiming for profits or simply balancing a budget, local search rankings offer a powerful glimpse into what people are looking for and when, helping you plan smarter. Sign up for Local Falcon today and see how you rank.

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