Local Rank Tracker as a Sales Prospecting Tool

One of the biggest indicators of a business's success are its sales. But increasing sales isn't as simple as putting a product on a shelf. Developing a marketing strategy and generating leads involves hours of brand and audience research, strategizing, and readjusting based on real-time feedback.

That's why you should subscribe to Local Falcon. Local Falcon is a powerful rank-tracking tool that's vital for any sales analyst's toolkit. All you need to do is plug in a keyword (or keywords) relevant to your business, select your grid size and scan radius, and Local Falcon will show you your keyword ranking at each point on the grid compared to local competitors.

Local Falcon is full of useful features for client prospecting. Here are three:



ARP, ATRP, and SoLV Results

While knowing your basic local ranking is useful, you can gain more insight from a more detailed breakdown. To that end, Local Falcon provides three different results with your scans: ARP, ATRP, and SOLV:

  • Average Rank Position (ARP): Your ARP is your average ranking across every point on the grid where you have a ranking of 20 or higher. This is good for getting a basic idea of your popularity in a single area. 
  • Average Total Rank Position (ATRP): Your ATRP is similar to your ARP, except it also factors in grid points where you rank below 20. With this, you'll have a complete average of every place where you show up in a search result. You can think of it as your total reach, albeit non-optimized.
  • Share of Local Voice (SoLV): Your SoLV is the percentage of data points on your grid where your business's keyword ranking is in the top three. Because Google pushes the top three rankings in a search to the top of the results page, your SoLV is the percentage of the map where you're the most visible.

These three factors are excellent for gaining deeper insight into a business's local rankings. For sales professionals, they're also useful for scouting new clients. Using this tool, you can find potential clients who are close to ranking higher or losing their current ranking, then use the scan results to sell them on your services.


Bulk Report Tools

Say you're scouting out a business with three locations around the city as a potential client. You want to check how each business is ranking and compare the results, but you don't want to run each report individually and compare the results one by one.

Luckily, Local Falcon possesses several tools that allow you to check keyword rankings across multiple locations. The Bulk Report feature, for example, allows you to run scans for one keyword across multiple locations and compile the results into one report. The Trend Report tool can generate reports on fluctuations in a single keyword, and does so automatically when a scan is run with the same parameters two or more times. You can even set these scans to run automatically using our Campaign feature, making it that much easier to manage ranking research across multiple locations.


Competitor Tracking

Even Local Falcon's competitor tracking feature can be used as a lead generation tool. It allows you to scan for a competitor's keyword rankings as you would your own, meaning you can check the ranking of any business in your area. If you're scouting a business as a potential client, you can use this tool to see areas they may be lacking in and get a better idea of how to craft your pitch

Boosting Leads with Local Falcon

Developing a well-researched marketing strategy is crucial in boosting sales, which is why Local Falcon strives to bring you as much information on a business's local ranking as possible. Not only does it offer various ranking result breakdowns, it has a variety of bulk report tools that allow you to easily manage rank tracking across multiple locations. Sign up for Local Falcon today and see how you rank.

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