How to use the Local Falcon Map Scan tool (step-by-step guide + video)

Using the Local Falcon Map Scan tool only takes a few steps. While there are multiple ways to perform a scan (Map Scan, Bulk Scanner, or via the API), we've outlined the basics in the steps and in the video, below:

How to Use Local Falcon:

  1. You must have at least one keyword and one business in-mind (e.g. "Pizza Hut" wants to search for "Pizza Delivery Near Me"), but we recommend using about 5 to 10 keywords to start.
  2. Visit the Map Scan tool or the Campaigns tool and select the business from your location list.
  3. Add the keyword(s) you would like to track (tip: use the new "Suggested Keywords" feature for a few ideas about where the business is already ranking).
  4. Choose the grid size (our most popular is the 9x9) and radius (we like to suggest 2 mile radius for urban settings, 5 miles for suburban, and 10 miles for rural, but this is just a suggested starting point).
  5. Tap "Run Scan" and when the scan is complete you can view the Scan Report (tip: you can also share the report with by tapping the share icon).

Don't forget you can also convert your favorite one-time scans into "auto scans" so you can see how business ranking changes over time by using the popular "Trend Report".

Here's a quick overview video, narrated by Yan Gilbert:


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