August 2022 Features, Updates and Changes

August 24th, 2022, 05:00 PM

The team at Local Falcon has a few updates to the system we would like to share with you. Some are small and some are fresh new features that will make you smile :)   

  • [FEATURE] New Location Reports: View all keywords and average scores for all keywords run against a singular business location, with ability to export as CSV and share reports publically.
  • [FEATURE] Keyword Reports now display a consolidated average ARP, ATRP and SoLV score across all searches (in portal and public reports).
  • [FEATURE] Locations page now has quick links to filtered results for Scan Reports, Trend Reports, and Location Reports on each location.
  • [FEATURE] Share functionality has been added to all Scan Reports, Trend Reports, Keyword Reports, Competitor Reports and Scan Explorer Reports. 
  • [FEATURE] Share functionality gives all reports a public-facing URL, meaning no log-in is needed to view the report. Now your clients can simply click the link you provide them. All public reports are hosted on either "", "", or "". 
  • [FEATURE] Public shared reports respect user's white label settings (if available within the user's current credit package). White label functionality was designed to remove the Local Falcon branding in the URL / link.
  • [FEATURE] The ability for to add ACH / bank accounts as a payment method is now available. User will have to confirm two micro-deposits in order to verify and use the bank account which will take 1-2 business days. In the future, we'll consider adding "instant verification" but for now this is what we have available for ACH payment.
  • [FEATURE] Users can now change next Auto Scan run date (via "Edit" button on Auto Scan Scheduler).
  • [FEATURE] Users can now delete Auto Scans (archives them, still visible in backend) singularly, or in bulk.
  • [UPDATE] Slightly refreshed site UI to accommodate for new public sharing functionality.
  • [UPDATE] Trend Reports graphs (if the report consists of more than 15 scans) will show an evenly distributed 15-point timeline of ranking data from first scan to latest, rather than all scan data points for better visibility and usability. 
  • [UPDATE] Trend Report generation now updated to generate faster as well as accommodate for deleted scans.
  • [UPDATE] Scan Reports now feature a slightly reformatted layout to include a square map using only the map image for better visibility / rendering of larger scans.   
  • [UPDATE] Scan Reports now show an "Update Auto Scan" button instead of "Schedule as Auto Scan" button if the scan was generated via an existing Auto Scan.
  • [UPDATE] If Auto Scan goes from "Paused" to "Scheduled", system will increment previous scheduled next run date to keep it on same day-of-week schedule originally set (rather than running immediately).
  • [UPDATE] Scan Reports and Competitor Reports show Auto Scan "nickname" (if set) for easier differentiation. 
  • [UPDATE] Block link to Google URL on all Google Location UI elements removed, replaced with an on-hover "View on Google" button next to title. 
  • [UPDATE] Various portal UI updates to unify formatting across all areas.
  • [UPDATE] Various Local Falcon API updates:
    • Auto Scans (/autoscans/) and Scan Reports (/reports/) endpoints updated to accommodate for deleted/archived status
    • Endpoints updated to accommodate for user's timezone and date/time formatting selections
    • Endpoint added for Trend Reports (/trend-reports/) (in beta)
    • Endpoint added for Keyword Reports (/keyword-reports/) (in beta)
    • Endpoint added for Location Reports (/location-reports/) (in beta)
    • All report endpoints updated  to include public_url fields

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