Introducing Local Falcon 3.0

October 30th, 2020, 11:15 AM


Unveiling A Whole New Falcon

Local Falcon 3.0 is here! Completely redesignedre-engineered, and re-imagined. Not only was the infrastructure reworked, now you're going to experience a drop-dead intuitive interface for time savings.

No extra clicks. No clunk. Everything you want to do, Local Falcon predicted it and baked it in. Customize data points. Switch them on and off. Name reports, automate them. Easily track locations, dates, trends, and more.

Now monitoring your locations' local visibility has never been easier, more intuitive, or priced better!

Completely redesigned for 2021, the new Local Falcon features:

  • A complete overhaul of the User Interface
  • Share of Local Voice: Scoring on the ultimate local visibility metric
  • The ability to scan Service-Area-Businesses (SAB)
  • Import locations via OAuth by directly connecting a GMB account
  • Run multiple scans concurrently
  • Customize scan grid points
  • White-label features
  • Detailed reports
  • Enhanced notification system
  • Competitor tracking
  • Animated trending view

And all of this new functionality is also 90% less expensive!!

Now it's easier than ever to monitor, manage, and dominate your local visibility index and control your Share of Local Voice. Discover Local Falcon and fall in love all over again!

Features & Enhancements

The new Local Falcon features countless improvements, however the three largest changes are a new reporting metric we call SoLV, scans for SABs, and power-boosted white-label reporting.

  • SoLV: Share of Local Voice
    Measure market penetration for the keywords relevant to your business and see exactly how you dominate the conversation.
  • Scan Service Area Businesses
    The most heavily requested feature has arrived! With the new location importer, you can import SAB listings with hidden addresses and start running scans.
  • White-Label Reporting
    Time-lapse trend reports and competitor reports for a clear and accurate picture of the service area marketing landscape.

Start Your Free Trial

To celebrate the new Local Falcon launch, new users are automatically enrolled in an unprecedented free trial*. Get your SoLV score, track competitors in your area, score your local visibility, and quickly fight spam listings all for free!

*Free trial is a one time issue of 100 credits, equivalent to running a single 3x3 scan daily for 11 days. New accounts only.

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