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August 29th, 2022, 12:00 AM

Making wise choices regarding your marketing strategy is crucial if you want your company to get the best outcomes. A local ranking report can help with that. Reporting is the secret to tracking vital metrics to guide your marketing strategy and help you achieve the maximum potential return on investment (ROI) for your business.

As a digital marketer, you have a direct impact on the expansion of your business. An effective sales stimulant could be a well-timed social media post, targeted holiday email marketing campaign, or optimized product pages. You can show upper management your impact by tracking and regularly sharing the outcomes of your marketing initiatives.

Local Falcon Reports helps this process by providing local SEO insights to web professionals and small business owners. And the best part is sharing Local Falcon Whitelabel SEO ranking reports to see how you can improve rankings.

How can Local Falcon Public Link Sharing be Helpful?

The new Local Falcon reports public sharing link will make sending Local Falcon Whitelabel reports easier. Sharing location ranking reports with a public link is excellent news for agencies and clients. With the new public sharing link, you can send Whitelabel reports to clients without having to edit your logo or send them a copy of the report by email.

Importance of Local Ranking Reports

Why did sharing location ranking reports become so important? Without reportable data, you're flying blind. It is essential to realize that your customers are bombarded by messages daily to get them to act or buy something. That can be dangerous in any industry, especially when competing against other brands for short attention spans.

There are many reasons why public SEO report sharing is essential. We have listed a few to give you a better grasp of the concept.

The Heart of Digital Marketing is Local Rank Reporting

Everyone should know that reporting is the heart and soul of digital marketing. Best practice suggests that monitoring your progress is the easiest way to stay on top of your field. Looking at the numbers and making changes isn't difficult, but it doesn't stop there. You need well-informed, executable data to make the proper decisions, and that's where Local Falcon can help. 

Choosing the Correct Cadence

Your reporting frequency should be weekly, biweekly, monthly, or quarterly. We suggest delivering performance information to your management at least once every week. Presenting a condensed weekly or biweekly report with more in-depth monthly briefings is acceptable. It could be challenging to gather the essential material for a thorough report in that amount of time. Your managers will likely need to report to their higher-ups every quarter, which is a crucial reporting time frame (executive team, the board of directors, shareholders).

The Key to Your Success Is Regular Reporting

Using reporting, you can clearly demonstrate how your social media initiatives, search engine marketing methods, and other digital strategies affect your company's outcomes. If you can back up your claims with data, there is a higher chance that your projects will receive funding. Company heads appreciate when facts can prove a project is worth the time and money. Assuring that the company is pursuing the correct objectives and that they are being realized requires regular communication between you and higher management.

What Aspects of Local Ranking Matter the Most?

Refining your Google Business Profile and reviews now account for more than half of your local map pack ranking, according to the most recent iteration of Moz's Local Search Ranking factors study. You must do more than this to receive the most influential ranking signals and increase conversions for your organization.

Ready to Get Your Local Ranking Report?

If your business is not ranking on Google, you're missing out on visitors and potential leads. The Local Ranking Report with a public sharing link will show you, your clients, your managers, or anyone else who you think should see the report exactly where the business ranks on Google and the critical metrics like SoLV (Share of Local Voice), ARP (Average Rank Position) or ATRP (Average Total Rank Position) that help to demonstrate brand lift.

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