Stay on Top of Your Credit Usage with Local Falcon's Credit Explorer

October 5th, 2023, 12:00 AM

If you schedule a lot of scans in Local Falcon, including Auto Scans and Campaign Scans, it can be hard to stay on top of your credit usage and make sure you have enough credits to cover all your upcoming scans.

This is where Local Falcon's Credit Explorer tool comes in — it allows you to see exactly where your credits are going for any given time period and lets you know if you need to add credits to ensure upcoming scheduled scans run smoothly.

What Data Does the Credit Explorer Provide?

When you navigate to the Credit Explorer from your Local Falcon account dashboard (found in the "Billing" drop-down), the first thing you'll see is a visual "Credit Usage Timeline." This shows a line graph of your credit usage for the selected time period, which you can customize just above the timeline section.

Moving down the page, you'll find the "Credit Usage Summary" section, showing you exactly how many credits you've used on each type of scan you've run, as well as how many of each of those scans you've run in total. Again, you can customize the date range for this data at the top of the section.

Last, but certainly not least, we have the "Forecasted Credit Usage" section, providing data on the number of credits you're predicted to use for the forecasted period based on all the upcoming Auto Scans and Campaign Scans you have scheduled.

If you don't have enough credits to cover all of these, you'll see a notification that there's a scheduling issue, and you can take action accordingly.

For example, if you're just a few credits short, you might choose to purchase just the number of credits you need to cover the upcoming scheduled scans. However, if you foresee a credit shortage being an ongoing issue, you might want to change your subscription level, perhaps to something like one of our cost-effective annual subscriptions to get the most bang for your buck.

Whatever you decide, make sure to keep using the Credit Explorer to monitor your credit usage and make adjustments as necessary, ensuring your scans go off without a hitch and that you always have the local rank tracking data you need, when you need it!

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