You Can Now Run Map Scans Using Suggested Keywords in Local Falcon

February 21st, 2023, 12:00 AM

You Can Now Run Map Scans Using Suggested Keywords in Local Falcon

Today we're happy to share that Local Falcon's Suggested Keywords feature is live, allowing users to run Map Scans with search terms and categories that people are already using to find their businesses on Google.


Save Time with Local Falcon's Suggested Keywords Tool

To get the most out of Suggested Keywords in Local Falcon, you'll first want to connect the Google account you use to manage your Google Business Profile listing(s) to your Local Falcon account.

Connecting your Google Business Profile account lets you quickly import one or more business locations you manage into Local Falcon, removing the need to manually search for locations before running Map Scans.

When you choose a business location from a connected Google Business Profile account to run a Map Scan for, it allows you to see Suggested Keywords in the keyword search bar drop-down. 

These keyword suggestions are ranked by estimated monthly impressions, helping you prioritize scans for the most popular search terms.

Below these suggested search terms, you'll also see all the Google Business Profile categories your business currently has set, so you can quickly run scans for those without having to look them up or guess what they are.

You can choose as many terms and categories as you want from the Suggested Keywords list and run simultaneous Map Scans for them all. These Scan Reports will then each appear individually alongside those from all your previous scans.

Do you have to connect a Google Business Profile account to use Local Falcon's Suggested Keywords feature?

If you want to run a Map Scan for a business and you don't have access to the Google account used to manage the business's listing on Google, don't worry — Local Falcon's Suggested Keywords tool will still pull in suggestions based on the listing categories for that business.

This can definitely still save you time on your Map Scans, but we highly recommend connecting the Google account used to manage each Google Business Profile listing you want to run scans for to receive all the benefits of this exciting new feature!

You can learn more about how to run a Map Scan using Suggested Keywords in our knowledgebase.

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