How To Use Local Falcon's Credit Explorer

Local Falcon's Credit Explorer makes it easier to keep track of what you're using all your credits on and make sure you have enough for I...

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Set Auto Scans to Track Local Ranking Over Time

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Import Locations and Discover Local Rank with Local Falcon

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How does the credit system work?

One credit is equivalent to one data point (also known as a "map pin", or a "scan point").  For example is you choose a 5x5 grid scan, this grid w...

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How to use the Local Falcon Sales Enablement Tool

Using this unique and exclusive tool, you can leverage newly discovered data for personalized outreach at scale!   To get started using the Sales...

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Why do you ask for GBP account access?

Local Falcon does not need access to your Google account. We provide this option for users who have many listings in their GMB account and wish to s...

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How do I revoke access to my GMB account?

To remove access to your account: Go to your Google Account. On the left navigation panel, select Security. On the Third-party apps with ac...

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How can I share a local ranking report?

It's easy to share the results of your Local Falcon scans. Just tap the "share" button on the report page. Sharing is available on all report types ...

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Can I scan my competitors?

Definitely! Your local competitors will show up in a scan and can easily be seen on the Competitor Report page. You can also initiate a scan using ...

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Why are the results a bit different than when I check in my browser?

If you have used your browser to perform a search, Google will remember that and personalize search results it further provides for you. As well, i...

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Why are the results a bit different than some other rank trackers?

Other rank trackers make you choose a location to scan from, usually a zip or postal code, and will choose one spot to scan from within that area. S...

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What does Local Falcon do?

Local Falcon displays Google My Business rankings for listings that show up either in the Maps portion of the organic search, or from a search in th...

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What localities does this Rank Scanner work in?

Local Falcon works everywhere in the world and with any language!

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What information do you collect about me while using the site?

We will only ask for information that is necessary to be in compliance with the law. For example, we will need your address when upgrading your acco...

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