The Competitor Report Local SEO Competitor Analysis Tool

Earning a top 3 spot on Google Maps or Google SERPs is highly coveted and, depending on the keyword, highly competitive. If your local business or organization is on the outside looking in, you'll want to get there. If you're on the inside looking out, you want to stay there. 

Local Falcon's Competitor Report is a highly visual local SEO competitor analysis tool that compiles and lists map grid data for your competition within the same set of parameters you set for your own Scan Report. The competitor report allows you to view all competitors in the area and compare listings to see the differences between them.

Plot a Path to a Larger Share

The Competitor Report lists your local business along with up to 99 competitors vying for your desired keyword phrase, in order of Average Total Ranked Position (ATRP) in Google Search results (any rank position, all data points). You'll also see their Average Ranked Position (ARP, includes data points ranking 20 or higher only) in relation to yours, as well as their Share of Local Voice (SoLV) — the percentage of data points in which they ranked Top 3, or within the all-important Google Map Pack. 

Local Pack SEO is of the absolute essence of local businesses, and the reason SoLV is such a valuable metric. And you'll only find it on Local Falcon.

Maximizing Competitor Reports

Competitor Reports are not only an excellent SEO competitor analysis tool, they're also an invaluable tool for pursuing sales leads and new clientele. 

  • Analytics professionals can generate Competitor Reports for multiple keywords to understand how search behaviors and tendencies vary within a specific area.

  • Sales and marketing professionals can utilize Competitor Reports in presentations to provide tangible, easily digestible visual proof that a potential customer could benefit from their services.

  • Agencies and SEO professionals can use Competitor Reports to keep current clients apprised of progress or offer recommendations for new keyword focuses and opportunities.

Get a talon-like grasp on your competition's efforts with Local Falcon's Competitor Reports and take yours higher.

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