Local Ranking for Enterprise Organizations

While an enterprise organization has the capability to dominate a market, you can never afford to slack in your marketing efforts. Business owners must always be prepared to capitalize on local SEO trends, respond to competitors, and branch out to new locations in order to increase their market share.

Fortunately, Local Falcon is here to help businesses grow. Local Falcon is a powerful rank-tracking tool that can track your ranking against competitors across the state, city, or even neighborhood. You only need to choose a keyword (or keywords) relevant to your business, choose a grid size, center your scan, and our rank tracker will show you how you rank for those keywords compared to other businesses.

Local Falcon comes fully equipped with useful tools to help you track your ranking and increase your market share. Here are three:



Adjustable Grid Radius

Want to broaden the scope of your scan? Changing the range of your search is a simple task for Local Falcon. Our adjustable radius map allows you to adjust both the amount of points on your grid and the distance your grid covers — anywhere from 100 miles (a metroplex) down to a tenth of a mile (a commercial district)


Competitor Ranking

Just because your organization is enterprise class doesn't mean you should forget about your competitors. Local Falcon allows you to search for competitor rankings as well as your own, perhaps signaling that it's time to (re)direct your marketing strategy accordingly.


Trend Reports

Are you maintaining a strong foothold in your target markets? Trend Reports can offer clues.

Local Falcon creates Trend Reports when a scan has been run with the same settings a certain amount of times. This allows you to monitor the growth or decline of your keyword rankings over time. Schedule scans for multiple keywords and locations to cover all the bases, and compile them into a Campaign Report for a holistic look at your market presence.

Go Enterprise with Local Falcon

Local Falcon is the perfect tool to help expand enterprise businesses. Our competitor ranking searches and trend reports allow you to adjust to local SEO changes and capitalize on any weaknesses in your competitors' marketing strategies. Sign up for Local Falcon today and see how you rank.

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