Local Falcon for Listing Managers

Depending on the size of your organization, it may be listed (cited) online hundreds or even thousands of times. If accurate, consistent, and linked from trustworthy and authoritative sources, these citations can benefit local SEO tremendously. If outdated, inconsistent, or posted on suspicious or spammy sites, they could weigh you down.

Sorting through the good, bad, and ugly can be intimidating. But with the right tools at your disposal, business listing management becomes much more manageable. Use Local Falcon to gauge your search visibility in any locale in the world, and root out listings that misrepresent your organization. With a streamlined map grid interface and easy-to-understand metrics, it can go to work for you right away. Here's how.


Three Ways Local Falcon Simplifies Business Listing Management


Scan for Inconsistent Citations

Scan for any keyword to see how it ranks at different points within any locale, from a tenth of a mile to 100 miles wide — including branded phrases and even your own business name. You'll get a rundown of the top sites your listing appears on at each data point. Voila – your local citation management to-do list.


Clamp Down on Categorization

How would you categorize your organization's offerings?  More importantly, how would search users? The categories you list in your Google Business Profile factor heavily into relevance, a major influencer of local SEO rankings. Use the Location Report to narrow down the best key phrases to describe your organization — according to real local search users —  and tweak listings accordingly.


Manage Broad Territories

The work of a listing manager increases exponentially for those in franchise operations, government agencies, or service providers with wide-spanning territories. With the Keyword Report, you can scan for the same keyword in as many locations as you need to. You'll still get the same insights, separated by location, and can monitor trends over time with the Trend Report or Campaign Report.

Put Local Falcon on your list

Simple in concept but robust in capabilities, Local Falcon can be a best friend to those in business listing management. Better yet, it can start helping with your citation cleanup today for free.

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