Data-Driven Marketing Strategies with Local Falcon

In order to craft an effective marketing strategy, you need data. Knowing how a business is performing in local search results compared to its competitors is the starting point for strengthening its local presence. Without this knowledge, it's almost impossible to know where the weak points are in your marketing strategy.

That's why you should try Local Falcon. Local Falcon is a powerful rank-tracking tool that can be used to hone professional marketing strategies. The process is simple: just choose a keyword (or keywords) related to your business, select a grid size and scan radius, and run a scan. Local Falcon will then tell you your keyword ranking at each point compared to your competitors.

Local Falcon comes fully equipped with useful rank-tracking tools. Here are three:



Trend Reports

Say you're trying to devise a marketing strategy for a business that sells chocolate. The business experiences increased sales around Valentine's Day, Easter, Halloween, and Christmas. You want to know how well the business ranks on each holiday and compare the results so you can improve its local SEO on the least popular one, but you don't want to individually check each ranking report to do so.

This is where Trend Reports come in. Local Falcon generates a Trend Report any time a scan is run with the same parameters two or more times. This allows you to monitor the growth or decline of your keyword rankings and make inferences on the cause based on outside data. While this can include seasonal fluctuations, it can also include things such as new ad campaigns from your competitors, online controversies, and more.


SoLV Results

If you'd like a more authoritative measure of local ranking, Local Falcon has you covered with the Share of Local Voice (SoLV) metric. Your SoLV is the percentage of data points per map scan where you rank top 3 — aka the Local Map Pack. Because the Map Pack stands apart from other results on search engine results pages, included businesses garner 70 percent of clicks — and the majority of local customers.


Competitor Tracking

Knowing what your competitors are doing is a crucial aspect of any marketing strategy. With Local Falcon, you can keep an eye on the competition by plugging them into the rank tracker and checking their keyword ranking. This allows you to pinpoint any weaknesses in their marketing strategy and adjust your own to capitalize on them. If you'd like a general ranking for multiple keywords, you can also plug their address into the Location Report tool.

Craft More Effective Marketing Campaigns with Local Falcon

Local search data is a great compass for what people want, need, or are simply interested in. As such, it can be an invaluable tool for crafting much more effective marketing campaigns. With ultra-focused insights (ranking data down to even 0.1 miles!), a growing number of API integrations, and convenient automation and bulk scanning features to track rank changes over time, Local Falcon can help lift your brand higher than it's ever been before.

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