How Local SEO Professionals Can Use Falcon Assist to Augment Their Services

May 20th, 2024, 09:00 AM

From gathering and analyzing local rank tracking data to implementing local search optimizations and reporting results to stakeholders, local search engine optimization professionals certainly have their hands full.

Whether you're an independent local SEO professional or working on the local search team in an agency setting, there have surely been times when you wished you had an extra team member to help you get everything done and improve results for your clients.

Well, have you met Falcon Assist yet? Falcon Assist is the first AI built specifically for local SEO and designed to help local SEO professionals augment their services by acting as a virtual assistant who's there to help you with everything related to Local Falcon and local search.

How Local Search Professionals Can Optimize Their Services with Falcon Assist

Falcon Assist can help local search marketing professionals get the most out of Local Falcon, saving them tons of time when it comes to performing local rank tracking and analysis. 

Not only does Falcon Assist draw upon Local Falcon's vast database of local ranking data from over 20 million business locations, it's also fully trained on local SEO strategy — it's like having an in-house local SEO expert on your team, with knowledge equivalent to that of the world's top local search marketing professionals.

Here are some specific areas that Falcon Assist can help local SEO professionals in:

  • Keyword research
  • Local ranking analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Google Business Profile optimization
  • Local SEO strategy development
  • Using Local Falcon

Keyword research

Local SEO professionals can save time on keyword research by asking Falcon Assist for keyword suggestions. 

For example, you could try asking Falcon Assist something like: "What keywords should I track for a sustainable clothing business in Seattle?"

In response, Falcon Assist would typically provide a list of local and niche-specific keywords. Not only that, but each keyword will have a link next to it to immediately run a scan for that keyword, saving you even more time!

Local ranking analysis

After you've run a rank tracking scan in Local Falcon, you can ask Falcon Assist to analyze any of your past Scan Reports to provide you with insights that you can use to guide your client's local SEO strategy.

All you have to do is provide Falcon Assist with the URL for the report you want to analyze (or click the "Chat with Falcon Assist about this Scan" button in a Scan Report) and say something like: "Analyze this Scan Report and tell me what the overall local search landscape looks like in the area."

Falcon Assist would then reply with a summary of the local search market and your client's position within it, broken down into several key areas, such as competitiveness in the local market, keyword targeting and visibility, Google Business Profile optimization, local SEO health, and recommendations for improvement.

Competitor analysis

Falcon Assist can also help you analyze the competitors found within a specific scan. For example, if you say something along the lines of: "Analyze the competitors in this Scan Report," Falcon Assist will then provide competitor analysis based around key aspects of local SEO, including Google Business Profile categories, keywords, reviews, and more. 

Falcon Assist may also provide specific suggestions for how to outrank competitors as part of the analysis. For example, it might tell you: "Your competitors have a higher average number of reviews. Encouraging your customers to leave reviews could boost your profile's visibility and ranking."

Google Business Profile optimization

Local SEO professionals can optimize Google Business Profile for their clients by leveraging Falcon Assist for specific optimization recommendations.

You might start by asking Falcon Assist: "Based on the same scan you analyzed for me above, how can I optimize Google Business Profile for my client?" Falcon Assist will then provide tailored suggestions for how to optimize your client's GBP to improve its ranking and performance. 

For instance, Falcon Assist might suggest altering the client's primary Google Business Profile category, adding relevant secondary categories, or adding keyword-rich content to the business description.

Local SEO strategy development

Although Falcon Assist specializes in Local Falcon and Google Business Profile rank tracking and optimization, it also has a wealth of general local SEO knowledge that local search professionals can take advantage of to help them develop additional aspects of their local SEO strategies.

For example, try asking Falcon Assist something like: "How can I optimize my client's website to improve its organic search ranking?" Falcon Assist might then respond with a detailed list of optimization suggestions related to key elements of local SEO for websites, including keywords, user experience, site structure, technical SEO, backlinks, content marketing, and more.

You can also ask Falcon Assist for answers to more general knowledge-based questions, such as: "How important are backlinks to local SEO?" You would then get a detailed response from Falcon Assist covering why backlinks are important as well as strategies for acquiring them.

Using Local Falcon

Falcon Assist is just one of the many tools Local Falcon offers that can help local SEO professionals provide better services to their clients.

From getting Falcon AI analysis and recommendations to using the many different report types available in Local Falcon, there are numerous features available in Local Falcon that can augment your local search marketing capabilities and save you time — and Falcon Assist can help you get the most out of all these features.

For example, you might ask Falcon Assist something like: "What's the best Local Falcon report type to show my client an overview of their ranking over time?" Falcon Assist would then tell you that the Trend Report within Local Falcon is the best choice, and proceed to explain why, covering all of the features and benefits of Trend Reports and giving you ideas for different ways to use them.


Local search engine optimization professionals face a multitude of challenges when it comes to managing and optimizing their clients' online presence for local search, and Falcon Assist is a valuable ally that offers support across various critical areas of local SEO. 

From conducting keyword research and competitor analysis to optimizing Google Business Profile and local SEO strategies, local SEO professionals can harness the power of Falcon Assist to streamline their workflows, save time, and deliver more effective results for their clients. 

Ultimately, having Falcon Assist as an extra strategic team member helps local SEO professionals enhance their services and stand out in the competitive field of local search marketing.

Like any AI-driven tool, Falcon Assist is always learning and evolving, and will continue to provide additional benefits for local SEO professionals looking to augment their local search marketing services in new ways.

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