How Long Does Apple Business Connect Verification Take? And Other FAQS

April 15th, 2024, 09:00 AM

Local SEO is all about getting found in as many local searches as possible, so you should definitely add Apple Business Connect optimizations to your to-do list if you want to ensure visibility among the many iOS users who use Apple Maps to find their way to local businesses.

Just like with optimizing a Google Business Profile, the first step towards optimizing an Apple Business Connect listing is to claim and verify it. This gives you full control over how Apple Maps users see your business and allows you to provide them with the most accurate, up-to-date, and relevant information.

Although the process for verifying an Apple Maps listing is very similar to that for verifying a Google Maps listing, we thought we'd throw together some quick answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Apple Business Connect verification to help you get started.

Apple Business Connect Verification FAQs

What Is Apple Business Connect Verification?

Apple Business Connect verification is the process by which Apple confirms the authenticity of a business location and ensures that whoever wants to manage its listing on Apple Maps is affiliated with the business.

How Long Does Apple Business Connect Verification Take?

The Apple Business Connect verification process can take up to 5 business days. This is true whether you're adding a new location to Apple Maps or claiming and verifying an existing location.

How Do You Verify a Location on Apple Business Connect?

There are a couple of different ways to verify your business through Apple Business Connect. The first option is to upload some sort of official documentation that shows the business name and address, such as a utility bill, a lease, or an insurance policy. The second option is to request a phone call to the business from Apple.

What Can I Do After I Verify My Business on Apple Business Connect?

Once your business is verified on Apple Business Connect, you can create or edit its Place Card (Apple's name for the business listing), upload photos, create Showcases, and more. The more you optimize and improve the quality of your Apple Business Connect listing by doing these things, the more likely it is to be seen on Apple Maps by iOS users.

Do Unverified Businesses Show Up on Apple Maps?

That depends — if you're adding a new location to Apple Maps, no public information about the business will show up on Apple Maps until it's verified. 

However, there are some existing locations that already appear on Apple Maps. These may display basic details, such as the address and business hours (which may be incorrect). You can claim and verify existing locations to take ownership of them and edit their business info. 

Keep in mind that, until you claim and verify an Apple Maps listing, you won't be able to add a logo, photos, or Showcases.

Can I Verify an Apple Maps Location Claimed by Someone Else?

Yes, if a business is already claimed by someone else on Apple Maps, you can request a transfer to verify it under your name. This involves submitting a written explanation of why you're requesting the transfer, along with official documentation showing the business name and address.

If your request is approved, Apple will notify the existing administrators of the change and transfer the listing to your account, giving you full control over its Place Card.

Can You Bulk Verify Multiple Locations on Apple Business Connect?

If you have more than 25 business locations you want to add and/or verify through Apple Business Connect, you may be eligible for bulk verification as an enterprise user.

However, unlike Google Business Profile, Apple Business Connect does not currently allow you to do this by simply uploading a spreadsheet. Instead, you have to delegate your listings to a third-party manager, who can then bulk add, verify, and update them through Apple Business Connect's API.

If you have less than 25 business locations, you will have to verify each one individually.

What Happens if My Apple Business Connect Verification Is Denied?

If your Apple Maps location verification is denied, you may need to provide additional documentation or information to support your verification request and try again. Until the verification is approved, you won't be able to edit the Place Card.

Why Is Verification Important in Apple Business Connect?

Apple Business Connect listing verification is important because it helps prevent fraud and ensures that customers are interacting with legitimate businesses. 

If you're the business owner or a marketing professional working with local businesses, claiming and verifying a listing also allows you to optimize it and help it rank higher on Apple Maps, ultimately boosting your visibility among potential customers.

Final Words

Claiming and optimizing your Apple Business Connect listing is crucial for enhancing your visibility in local searches, especially among the ever-growing number of iOS users relying on Apple Maps over Google Maps. 

Verifying your business on Apple Maps is the first step towards this goal, and while the process is similar to Google Business Profile verification, there are some key differences to understand. 

By following the verification guidelines and actively managing your listing once it's verified, you can ensure that your business stands out among the competition on Apple Maps and attracts more customers in the hyper-competitive local market.

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