Falcon AI Is Now Available in Trend Reports!

February 29th, 2024, 05:00 AM

One of our biggest announcements last year was the launch of Falcon AI, Local Falcon's integrated AI that provides intelligent local ranking analysis, actionable listing optimization recommendations, and more.

Well, after its successful launch and integration into Scan Reports, Falcon AI has now been added to Trend Reports, offering a powerful new way to obtain AI-powered analysis of your listing performance over time!

How Does Falcon AI Work for Trend Reports?

As long as Falcon AI was enabled for at least one of the scans used to generate a Trend Report, you'll now be able to see a section titled "Local Falcon AI Report Analysis" in any past or future Trend Report.

This Trend Report AI analysis starts by providing a summary of any changes in your ARP, ATRP, and SoLV scores from the scans included in the report. It will also highlight any pending optimization recommendations that could improve your scores, such as getting more reviews or adding social media profiles to your listing.

Below the summary, you'll see a list of problems and optimization recommendations, labeled "MAJOR" or "MINOR" according to their priority.

For instance, Falcon AI might point out a specific Grid Point where your ranking dropped from 19 to 20 since the last scan. Potential solutions might include things like adding posts and social media links to your Google Business Profile.

Lastly, Falcon AI's Trend Report analysis will list your achievements, such as improvements in your ranking scores and optimizations you've already completed. While the items on this list don't require any action on your end, they're also labeled "MAJOR" and "MINOR" to give you an idea of how significant they are at a glance.

If you've already been using Falcon AI in your Scan Reports, a lot of this should look familiar in format to the AI analysis provided in those reports.

However, using Falcon AI in Trend Reports takes care of trend analysis for you, instantly identifying and quantifying changes over time in your location's performance and providing actionable optimization recommendations based on the aggregated reports, rather than on an individual scan.

Who Is Falcon AI Trend Analysis For?

Falcon AI's Trend Report analysis is ideal for anyone who wants to track local ranking trends over time and receive AI-backed ideas for how to improve local SEO performance before the next scan.

Local Falcon's Trend Report AI is also perfect for saving you time when reporting on local SEO performance to stakeholders. It helps you easily highlight how changes in the local market or optimizations you made have affected your ranking.

Whether you're a marketing professional doing in-house SEO and listing management for a local business owner, or an agency-based local SEO professional working with multiple clients, the Trend Report analysis wraps everything up nicely for you in an easy-to-digest package.

Rather than performing trend analysis yourself, you can focus more on the big picture, including implementing optimization recommendations to boost your overall local SEO strategy.

Try Falcon AI for Trend Reports Today!

As long as you've run multiple scans for the same location and keyword, and Falcon AI was enabled for at least one of those scans, you can start using Falcon AI to analyze performance trends today!

Just head on over to the Trend Reports section of your Local Falcon Dashboard, open up a Trend Report, and scroll down to the AI Report Analysis section.

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