What is SoLV?

SoLV® stands for Share of Local Voice. This shows how often a business ranks in the top three positions. Over time, SoLV® may be an exc...

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How To Read a Trend Report

Local Falcon Trend Reports are generated automatically when you run multiple scans for the same location and keyword, compiling the data from these ...

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How To Schedule Scans Using Campaigns In Local Falcon

Local Falcon's "Campaigns" feature is a powerful tool you can use to schedule recurring Map Scans for multiple business locations, using the same Sc...

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Understand Local Rank with Local Falcon's Scan Reports

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How do I generate a Trend Report?

A Trend Report is generated when the same scan parameters have been ran twice.  This can be done manually or by setting an Auto Scan.  You can...

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What is a Trend Report?

Trend reports are based on the changes in a particular scan over a period of time.

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How To Use Location Groups

Creating Location Groups in Local Falcon makes it easier to set up Campaigns and other types of scans for groups of business locations that you want...

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How To Use Report Filters

Local Falcon's Report Filters allow you to quickly filter individual Campaign Reports by Location Groups and subgroups and instantly share these fil...

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How To Compare Google Business Profile Listings In Local Falcon

After logging into Local Falcon navigate to the "Competitor Reports" page using the menu item located on the left side menu in the "Reports" secti...

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Quickly connect Local Falcon to Zapier with Zap templates

Use any of the Zapier templates below to quickly integrate Local Falcon to an app.

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How can I share a local ranking report?

It's easy to share the results of your Local Falcon scans. Just tap the "share" button on the report page. Sharing is available on all report types ...

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What does ARP & ATRP mean?

ARP = Average Rank Position (Top 20) ARP shows how your location is ranking in relation to the top 20 listings. ATRP = Average Total Rank Position...

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The scan is showing no result (20+) but that does not make sense

There are millions of businesses with all kinds different variables and although we have done our best to accommodate the majority of them, there wi...

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Do you save the results of a scan that is performed?

Every scan is saved in your account. Saved scan results will be found in the Reports tab menu item. Data can be exported in a csv (spreadsheet) fil...

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How to Connect Local Falcon to Zapier

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How To Use Local Falcon's Looker Studio Templates

Local Falcon's integration with Looker Studio (formerly Google Data Studio) allows you to turn your Local Rank Tracking data into powerful visual re...

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Looker Studio Integration (formerly Google Data Studio)

Looker Studio allows you to create custom dashboards and reports for data visualization. Using Local Falcon's integration with Looker Studio, you ca...

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How do I turn off scan points?

By clicking on a scan point after choosing your grid size you are able to disable the scan point.  This is helpful for points over water.

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The scan has different color ranking pins seemingly at random

Normally the best ranking position should be at the location at the business and then the numbered positions should get higher (worsening) as you ra...

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