Local Falcon Report Types Overview

There are six different report types that are created in Local Falcon when checking the ranking of your business, or your competitor's business. Read more, below, to find out which report types make the most sense for your use case


Scan Report

The original Local SEO rank checker.


Competitor Report

Visualize the ranking of every local competitor.


Trend Report

View change in local search ranking over time.


Campaign Report

Group locations and keywords for a unified view.


Keyword Report

Track one keyword over multiple locations.


Location Report

Track one location over multiple keywords.

All of these report types are available to all users of Local Falcon. As a subscriber, you also have the ability to generate a custom report by using the Local Falcon Looker Studio integration, the Local Falcon API, or the Local Falcon Zapier integration

Local Falcon reports are robust, and feature hundreds (often thousands) of data points. Each report has its own purpose and set of features, but all reports will have the following features: 

  • Local ranking details for your business, and the businesses ranking above or below yours for any given keyword at any chosen location. 
  • Shows all Google Business Profile categories the business is using. 
  • Direct link to the business profile on Google. 
  • Total number of reviews for a business profile.
  • Star rating for the business profile on Google. 
  • Ability to download the map grid image. 
  • Export to PDF functionality. 
  • Export to CSV functionality. 
  • Publicly available URL's for sharing reports (perfect for sharing the report with someone who is not in your account). 
  • White label capability (requires the "Premium" subscription level). 
  • Easy to understand summary metrics like "Average Rank Position" (ARP), "Average Total Rank Position" (ATRP) and "Share of Local Voice" (SoLV). 

To learn where your business ranks in local search, sign up for Local Falcon and try your first scans on us. Every new account enjoys 100 free credits which can be used to scan any location across the globe. Understanding how a business ranks in its own neighborhood can be tricky, but with Local Falcon scan reports it's easier than ever.  

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Frequently Asked Questions about Local Falcon Report Types

Questions about report types? Check out these FAQ's for answers to the most common questions. 

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